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Winter storm hit on Christmas Eve

KOIN 6 News Staff - PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) -- The freezing rain, sleet and snow that fell across Oregon and in the Willamette Valley dramatically slowed holiday travel on one of the busiest days of the year.

The Oregon Department of Transportation, the Portland Bureau of Transportation and TriMet were all actively engaged before and as the weather hit.

KOIN 6 Weather Alerts

The Portland Bureau of Transportation planned for the the possibility of ice or snow. On Wednesday they laid down 7,000 gallons of de-icer around Portland streets. The de-icer works well, unless it rains, like it did on Friday night.

"Rain will wash it away," Rivera said. "If it dries up this weekend, we'll apply it again in advance of the icy conditions expected."


ODOT advised those traveling the central and eastern Columbia Gorge along I-84 to be on the look out for black ice conditions.

Their TripCheck Twitter feed has been active for both Portland and Salem. Many crashes and slowdowns were reported on Sunday.


Whenever freezing rain hits, it affects the MAX trains and buses. It's always a good idea to check the TriMet Service Alerts for the latest details.

TriMet Service Alerts

TriMet officials said they began chaining buses at their garages early Sunday. More than half their buses also have drop-down chains for use, if necessary.

The freezing rain could cause a build up on the overhead wires, which would slow or possibly stop the trains if it builds up too much.

On Christmas Day, TriMet is running all MAX lines and the Portland Streetcar on Sunday schedules. But whenever you're traveling, check their schedules for possible delays.


It's one of the busiest weeks of the year at airports around the country, including PDX.

As of Noon Sunday, only one flight was delayed or cancelled at PDX.

About 60,000 people will come and go through PDX each day over the next week or so, with about 1 million travelers in all making their way through PDX this holiday season.

PDX -- Arrivals and Departures

As always it's a good idea to check your flight's status before leaving for the airport, and get there early to help ease the crush of passengers going through security.

Record number of travelers

Between now and January 1, AAA forecasts 107.3 million Americans will travel, either by planes, trains or automoblies. It is predicted to be the busiest travel season on record, and the 9th straight year travel has increased during the holidays.

Stay with the KOIN 6 Weather Team for all the latest info. For weather at your fingertips, download the PDX Weather App.

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