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Photo and video submissions require a valid name and email address to be used on-air and online. All submissions become the property of KOIN 6 News/Nexstar.

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I have a tip on a crime/incident. What should I include in my ReportIt? First off, please contact your local authorities, such as the police or sheriff’s department. Let us know the agency with which you filed a police report, and be sure to include the case number in your email. Remember to tell us where it happened in the above form’s message field, and if at all possible, please let us know if you have any photos or video of the incident.

I think I’m getting scam calls. What should I include? Please remember to tell us if you’ve recently called a federal agency, including Social Security or the IRS, and whether you have filed a complaint with your state’s attorney general office and/or filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

I have a tip on city/county issues. What should I include? Please include the information of who you filed complaints with in your city/town/county. Remember to include that person’s contact name and/or information. It’s also helpful to include documented proof of the issue.

There’s some wild weather right now! In the ReportIt form above, remember to let us know where it’s happening. Be sure to let us know if you have photos or videos of the phenomenon.

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