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I was obsessed with Olivia Newton John 2nd-4th grade. I even cut my hair to look like her circa “Physical”. Instead, I looked like the kid from Malcom in the Middle.

When I was in kindergarten, we were talking about breeds of dogs, and I told my class that my dog Sandy was a “one night stand”. My parents got a phone call. (It was their fault, really.)

I was born in Palm Springs and lived there until I was 12. Bob Hope visited my preschool once. 

I played the alto saxophone 5th-8th grade. I chose that instrument because there was a cute boy who played it. The relationship never took off.

I have seen Barry Manilow in concert three times, and I know all the words to every song from the Violent Femmes debut album. Those two things are not necessarily related.

I prefer to do a lot of things by myself— shopping, going to movies, getting lunch. I’m kind of a loner. But as evidenced by this picture, I can be social. 

I’ve split my head open twice— once when a horse bucked me off, and the other time when I was skiing. Maybe this explains some things?

I knew I wanted to be in TV news since junior high. Before that, I wanted to be a roller-skating disco joke.

I once got into a heated argument with a boy on a school bus, defending my belief that unicorns are real. Boy, I bet he feels stupid now.

I’m the opposite of a perfectionist. Which may explain these answers.. and sometimes, my hair on TV.

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