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She grows her own veggies!

Disc Golf Jock. When I’m not doing super rad things in the outdoors. I’m typically rocking a fanny pack and pretending to be good at disc golf.

I’ve started skateboarding. I do it for love, not because I necessarily love it. My fiancé is really good — so it’s a way we can spend quality time together. I scoot around behind him to capture his tricks on the streets of Portland.

I’m secretly good at making sushi. I worked at a sushi joint for 5 years while I was growing up as a kid. I was a super hostess and waitress — but when I wasn’t serving, I was watching the sushi chefs closely! So I’m a sushi chef by osmosis.

I love Drag. I turn into a true fangirl at Drag Queen shows. I love the music, humor and live performances. I lose my voice singing along — every. single. time.

I’m strangely good at catching cherry tomatoes in my mouth— even on cliffs. Kelley Bayern and I like to make it a game on our outdoor adventures!

Two things I adore and have an unhealthy amount of photos on my phone of eggs & goats. I’ve come to love eggs and really appreciate the hens who lay fantastic ones! And I love goats because they are adorable & when I can’t be with goats, I look at pictures of baby goats.

I used to slap the bass. If I didn’t go into journalism, I’d be in the symphony. I had dreams of going to Juilliard and being the first chair. I played for a decade, was in the KC Youth symphony for years, and started teaching students of my own by the time I was in 8th grade.

Not quite 5’. I stand proudly at 4’11”. If I had a dollar for every time someone said “You look so much taller on TV!” then I’d have a pretty good chunk of change. I come from a family of little Italian people. My Nona is 4’8”, my mama is 5’0” and my papa is 5’3”! We are tiny but mighty.

I’m a GF, DF, Weekday Vegetarian. You’re what?? I’m gluten-free and dairy-free because I’m really allergic to those things — and I’m a weekday vegetarian by choice. Everyone has their own reasons to cut out or reduce meat, but for me, I do it for the environment. I do care about animals though, and when I do eat meat I prefer to know the chicken’s name, their farm and if they had a good life — just like Portlandia.

I’m a minimalist & I like living little. Currently, I’m in a 550 sq ft. apartment with my fiancé. But I dream to one day own a tiny house — or travel in a tricked out sprinter van. On a scale of 1 to Marie Kondo, I’d say I’m about a 9…Only because I still hang on to a few clothes that only kinda ‘spark joy.’

I grow my own veggies! My parents and grandparents had vegetable gardens — and I’ve recently started my own. I put a lot of TLC into my soil and handpicked my seeds, so the first time I got to see my plants grow — I CRIED. More like bawled. I think at one point it brought me to my knees. I was so emotional. Can you imagine if I have children?? And yes, I call to face time and check on my garden.

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