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She loves to travel!

I grew up in Midland, Texas, where high school football is king (remember the movie Friday Night Lights). West Texas is flat, dusty, and smells like crude oil and cow manure. There’s a lot to miss about it if you grew up there, especially Friday night football games and the beautiful sunsets. A random fact about my hometown —  it’s also where George W. & Laura Bush grew up.

I moved 1,500 from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Portland’s fabulous Pearl District. I LOVE being in the Pearl where everything is within walking distance.

And it’s very dog friendly….

Walker, my dog, is pretty  much my life. When I’m not working I’m cooking for him, cleaning up after him, or throwing him tennis balls (he’s OBSESSED with tennis balls). I love dogs but was always hesitant to get one because of the long hours we work in news. One morning while I was doing a LIVE shot in Tulsa Walker waddled up to me with his tail wagging and tongue out. He was about 6-weeks old and looked like he was starving. When I picked him up he licked my face from forehead to chin – I was HOOKED! My photographer and I took him to a vet that was close-by, we did our next LIVE shot in the vet’s parking lot. I took him home after my shift and the rest is history…

Oh and his name comes from one of the best police detectives in the country. Shortly after I showed up at the vet, former Tulsa Police Sergeant, Dave Walker pulled up with his dog. Sergeant Walker had a great relationship with the media. You might recognize him from the A&E show “The First 48”.  

I love Super Deluxe! I don’t care what anyone says, it’s the best fast-food burger there is. The one in the Pearl is dangerously close to me (and they allow dogs inside – shoutout to the employees who are always so nice to Walker!!).

Marc Chagall is my favorite artist. I wish I could write some erudite synopsis of his art but I’m just not that person, all I can say is I’ve been drawn to his work for years. I could stare at the ceiling in the Paris Opera house for hours — painted it in 1963. I took this picture a couple of years ago in Paris.

I enjoy traveling……but who doesn’t? Places I want to visit soon: Hong Kong, Japan, and Iran.

I have seven adorable nieces and nephews. My sister and two brothers are in Texas and I don’t get to see them or their kids enough.

I lived in Jerusalem for two years. It’s incredible – if you haven’t been, it’s time to go.

I love Mexican food (and margaritas)! This is a picture of a mariachi band at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in my hometown.

I played T-ball. The coach called me the “homerun queen”!

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