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Local KOIN TV opportunities:

Check back soon for KOIN TV openings.


With 171 television stations in 100 markets, Nexstar Media Group is the largest TV station operator in the country. But we are more than that. We’re also a technology company. Along with a broad range of broadcast opportunities, Nexstar staffs a growing and diversified digital media operation encompassing content management and mobile platforms, content marketing, targeted advertising products and strategic digital design and advertising operations. From newsroom to sales to operations to digital technology, joining Nexstar Nation offers unlimited opportunities for your career endeavors.


We respect our audience, customers, employees and owners. We encourage every individual’s contributions and personal growth. We honor diversity. We foster work environments that provide personal pride through job satisfaction and a balanced life. We embrace the communities in which we operate. We promote open communications, innovation and creativity. We strive for excellence in all our endeavors. We are in the local content business, providing multiple platforms for news, entertainment and successful marketing solutions, enriching each community we serve. Each of our television stations are local service businesses.


With markets ranging from small to major, Nexstar has a place for every experience level. Whether you’re just starting your broadcasting career or ready to make the leap into a larger market, Nexstar offers a broad range of opportunities. And that same market diversity allows Nexstar to give employees room to grow and progress in their careers. As your experience, ability, talent and ambition grows, so too will your options within Nexstar Nation.


We at Nexstar pride ourselves on the opportunities we provide for employees to give back to their communities. On our 20th anniversary in June 2016, we didn’t throw a party. Instead, Nexstar employees fanned out across the country to contribute thousands of hours of community service. It was an employee-driven effort focused on local non-profits and charities. This inaugural “Founders Day of Caring” is just one of the many service opportunities for Nexstar Nation employees.

KOIN 6 Internships

KOIN 6 offers year-round unpaid internship opportunities in various departments. All positions are for college credit only and usually last eight to 12 weeks. This program is open to college students attending an accredited four year college or university. The program allows students majoring in communications or related fields to gain valuable  experience and explore potential career opportunities.

Application Process:

Please write a one-page cover letter describing your interest, expected benefits, the type of internship/position you seek and the length of time you would like for your internship.

Along with your cover letter, please download and fill out our KOIN internship application form.

Application materials should be submitted by email or mail:
KOIN 6 - Attn: Human Resources
222 SW Columbia St., Suite 102
Portland, OR 97201

Thank you for your interest in KOIN 6 News.

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