PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Historically known as a major paper mill town, Camas, Wash. Has grown to one of the fastest-growing suburban communities in the Portland metro area.

Mayor Steve Hogan joined AM Extra to discuss the Nakia Creek Fire, housing projects and upcoming holiday festivities.

As wildfires in 2022 torched areas around the Pacific Northwest, this included Camas’ Nakia Creek Fire which began in early October.

“The fire has subsided,” Hogan explained. “There was about 1,900 acres that burned, about 2,900 houses evacuated.”

While homes were evacuated, the mayor noted no injuries were reported and no structures were burned. Hogan says the fire is now under control with a lot of smoldering.

Hogan added that rainfall in the area helped fight the blaze, noting the area received 16 inches of rain since the beginning of October.

The mayor also discussed city projects to develop the North Shore area with a range of housing and business developments.

“We’ve been looking at this area for up to 12 years and now we’re going to take a deep dive and come up with design standards,” Hogan explained. “We’re trying to target a lot of mixed-use businesses and affordable housing will be a part of it.”

Camas, WA mayor Hogan on Nakia Creek Fire, affordable housing, holiday events
Camas mayor Steve Hogan said the city plans to target a range of businesses and housing developments for the North Shore development area. November 21, 2022 (Courtesy City of Camas).

Hogan sad the area includes 300 acres on the northeast side of Lacamas lake with a tree canopy and a park along with property for the school district.

Now looking ahead to the holidays, Camas’ Hometown Holidays event returns Friday, Dec. 2 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Hogan said the festivities will include a Christmas tree lighting and gourmet hot chocolate from a nearby church.

The event will also include several activities for kids including the chance to look at city vehicles like snowplows, police cars, fire engines and EMS trucks along with drawing activities from the Parks and Recreation Department, the mayor said.