PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — DIY Expert Shannon Quimby is back with fun decorations to make your home the trendy talk of the town. Here’s how to make a scrap wood garland.


  • Scrap wood
  • Miter saw
  • Drill
  • 5/32” drill bit
  • Sandpaper
  • Rag
  • White spray paint
  • Brown leather lace
  • Scissors

How to:

  1. Cut up scrap wood into small square and rectangle blocks ranging 1”-3” in size.
    You’ll need enough blocks to make a 3ft” garland
  2. Drill a hole in the center of each block
  3. Sand edges and wipe off dust
  4. Spray paint all the blocks and let dry
  5. Cut a piece of leather lace 4ft long and tie a knot approximately 2” at one end and then make a tassel
  6. To make a leather lace tassel, cut five strands of lace each 5” long]
  7. With the extra lace that is below the knot, loop it around the center of the five strands.
  8. Fold the strands in half, over the loop and tie the loop in a knot
  9. Cut a piece of lace 7” long and tie it around the body of the tassel. Pull and tuck ends through and blend them with the rest of the strands
  10. Cut ends evenly off
  11. Thread the blocks through the lace and tie a knot at the other end
  12. Repeat steps 6-10 to make another tassel on the other end of the garland