Create with Quimby: DIY String Heart Pocket

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Shannon Quimby joined AM Extra Wednesday to demonstrate how to make a DIY String Heart Pocket for Valentine’s Day with the help of Parr Lumber.

Ready to try for yourself? Instructions below!

DIY String Heart Pocket


1ft sq. board
Brown paper bag
Tissue box
2” Spiral Siding Nails
Red spray paint
1” Crafter’s Choice watercolor paintbrush
Red Acrylic Paint
Butter knife
Red yarn

How To

  1. With the brown paper bag, cut a piece 1ft sq. which is the same size of your board
  2. Place paper bag piece on top of board and with pencil trace a large heart shape on the
  3. Fold the piece of paper bag in half so you see only one half of the heart shape.
  4. Cut the heart shape out
  5. Place heart shape on top of board and with pencil, trace around the edges of the paper
    onto the board to create a heart shape on the board
  6. Paint the heart red and let dry
  7. Turn the tissue box on its side and poke 23 nails in, one by one into the box,
    approximately ¼” deep
  8. Spray nails red and let dry
  9. Hammer the first nail into the bottom tip of the heart
  10. Place the widest width of the butter knife to the right of the nail on the board and then
    hammer the next nail along the edge of the heart. The butter knife is used to space each
    nail evenly. Repeat this step ten more times on the right side of the bottom nail and
    then 11 more times on the left side of the bottom nail. Total of 23 nails
  11. Touch up nail heads with red acrylic paint, if needed
  12. Knot yarn onto the top left nail and stretch it across to the top right nail
  13. Continue zigzagging side to side alternating nails until you get to the bottom tip nail
  14. At this point, from the bottom nail tip stretch yarn to the top right nail and then to the
    first bottom nail on the left. Continue this pattern alternating each nail until you’ve
    reached the top left nail and then ending on the bottom tip nail
  15. Knot the yard at the bottom tip nail and then cut off yarn close to the knot so no extra
    yard is showing
  16. Place special cards or notes inside the string heart pocket

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