PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – If you’re still looking for a holiday gift to give, why not make one yourself? DIY expert Shannon Quimby joined AM Extra, sharing how to craft easy-to-make wood coasters.


Miter Saw

Four wood (clear fir) squares size; 1⁄2” x 3 3⁄4”x 3 3⁄4”

One wood (clear fir) square 1⁄2” x 4” x 4”

150 grit sandpaper


5/16” drill bit

One 5/16” x 36” dowel



Dark wood stain


1” wide painter’s tape

1” foam paintbrush

Wood glue

Wood polish and conditioner

How To:

1. On the 4”x4” wood block, measure and mark a dot, 1⁄2” inward on each corner.

2. Drill holes through each dot.

3. Cut four small dowel pieces at 3” long and sand the ends.

4. Insert and glue a dowel piece into each hole and let dry. This is the base holder for the

four coasters.

5. With rag, apply stain covering the entire base. Let sit for 15 minutes and wipe away any

excess and let dry.

6. Wrap one strip of painter’s tape around one end of each of the four squares.

7. Wrap another strip of painter’s tape directly above the first strip.

8. Wrap a third strip of painter’s tape above the second strip. It will look like you have

three layers of tape stacked on top of the other.

9. Remove the middle strip of tape.

10. Press firmly around the inside edges of the two other strips of tape. This will prevent the

stain from leaking under the tape when you apply it.

11. With foam brush apply a small amount of stain on the exposed wood that is between

strips one and three, let sit for 15 minutes and with rag wipe away any stain excess.

12. Remove all tape.

13. Apply stain on two of the sides of wood that the stained strip is touching and then wipe

away excess.

14. With sandpaper, sand all edges of all four squares and the base. Wipe off dust.

15. With clean rag, apply the wood polish on all sides of all five pieces. Let it sit for 15

minutes and buff out any excess.