Create with Quimby: How to paint an exterior front door

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PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Time to get your porches ready for the summer season!

One of the best way to brighten up the front of your home is by freshening up your front door. This DIY project is especially timely, with people getting ready to welcome guests back into their homes.

Our DIY queen Shannon Quimby showed us the ropes for her latest paint project. She also mentioned that Miller Paint is having their Memorial Day Sale, with 40% off Evolution Paint, both interior and Exterior, all sizes and sheen.

How to Paint an Exterior Front Door


One quart of Miller Paint Stain-blocking Primer
One quart of Acrinamel Semigloss; Color, Day Spa 0634
Household Cleaner
Sanding Sponge
Painter’s Tape
1 ½”-2” angled brush
4” mini roller with ½” nap, packet of two
2 Paint trays
Drop Cloth

How To:

  1. Cover all flat surfaces with a drop cloth
  2. Clean door with a wet rag. For stubborn spots, use a household cleaner, rinse
    and let dry.
  3. Lightly sand door with sanding sponge, then wipe dust with damp cloth
  4. With painter’s tape, cover all hardware (doorknob, lock, hinges) and any other
    surfaces (window) that you do not want to paint
  5. Starting with the angled brush and Miller Paint Stain-blocking Primer, prime
    recessed or detailed areas. PRO TIP: On flat surfaces, use the mini roller to
    cover remaining areas and back brush to remove stipple texture.
  6. Clean paint brush and let dry.
  7. Replace ½” nap head with a new one.
  8. With Miller Paint Acrinamel Semigloss: Color, Day Spa 0634, paint front door
    repeating the same application you used to prime the door. Let dry for 1 hr.
  9. Apply and second coat of paint and let dry completely.
  10. Carefully remove all painter’s tape, pulling away from the painted edge to break
    the seal.

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