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Shannon Quimby joined AM Extra

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — It’s summer. Time to do some outdoor painting.

DIY guru Shannon Quimby joined AM Extra with tips on the best way to paint outdoor furniture, and on Friday she’ll host a Facebook Live “Ask A Designer” show.

Shannon Quimby’s DIY Painting Tips

  • After removing the lid from the paint can, put the lid into a plastic zip
    sealed bag during the painting process. This prevents the paint from
    drying out and stops the paint from dripping.
  • Punch three to four holes in the groove inside the rim of the paint can.
    This allows excess paint to drain back into the can.
  • When securing the lid back onto paint can, cover the lid with an old
    towel or rag and then using a rubber mallet, tap around the edges of
    the lid. The towel will prevent any paint from splattering.
  • When using painter’s tape for a DIY projects, wait until the paint is
    tacky before removing the tape. If you wait until the paint dries, it
    might pull parts of the fresh paint off the surface. If you pull the tape
    off too early, bleeding over the edge could occur.
  • Use an old credit card or store card to firmly press and smooth down
    edges of the painter’s tape.
  • If wanting to create a crisp color stripe on a surface, once the
    painter’s tape is in place, paint the base coat color over the tape’s
    edge. Let dry and then paint the color of choice over the base coat
    and edge of painter’s tape. This will prevent bleeding.
  • If you’re in the middle of a painting project and have to step away for
    10-15 minutes, and are wearing latex gloves, roll the glove off the
    hand that holds the brush and cover the brush with it.
  • Use a paint brush comb or a stiff nylon-bristle paint brush rather than
    a wire brush to remove dried paint on a brush. A wire brush splits the
    ends up on the bristles.
  • Always hang brushes to dry. If leaned up against a wall with bristles
    supporting it weight, “curling” will happen and misshape the brush.
  • Store painter’s tape in zip closure bags if original containers are
    missing, to prevent the tape from drying out.

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