PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Shannon Quimby is internationally known expert on salvage do-it-yourself items. She lives in Portland but travels all over to share her ideas and learn new things.

Shannon joined AM Extra to share some of her tips on DIY crafts, including how to turn mason jars into kitchen storage units.

DIY Mason Jar Kitchen Storage

Canning jar with lid
Drill and phillips screwdriver
Wood screw; Make sure that the screws are not longer than the thickness of the
cabinet or shelf, as to prevent the ends from showing.
A flat head nail (I used a 3/8” x 18”) or something similar.
Flat scrap piece of wood. This is used as your hard surface/protection for when you
hammer the hole into the lid.

Shannon Quimby turns Mason jars into kitchen storage units (courtesy photo)

How To:
When mounting the lid under a shelf or cabinet, make sure to space them 2”-4”
apart from each other and from back of wall. This will allow you to easily get your
hands around them to twist on and off. If you are going to fill the jars with heavy
items, such as nuts and bolts make sure the wood is at least 1” thick. Anything
thinner will eventually bend or brake

  1. Remove the lid from the jar. It will separate in two pieces, the rim and a flat
    circle top.
  2. Take the flat tin top and place it on the scrap piece of wood. If you don’t
    have a piece of scrap wood, just use something else flat that you don’t mind
    putting a small nail hole in it, like an old cutting board.
  3. Place the nail in the center of the tin lid and hammer a hole in it just enough
    so the nail creates the hole.
  4. Place the circle top back inside the rim.
  5. Screw the entire lid into the underside of a shelf or cabinet.
  6. Add what you would like to store in the jar and tighten it around the lid,
    careful to hold the bottom of the jar when opening and closing the mason

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