PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – As Nov. 29 marks Giving Tuesday, there’s a way to create a win-win with charitable giving while helping your bottom line.  

According to Samantha Pahlow, of Ferguson Wellman, in order to make charitable donations deductible, it’s important to determine whether you plan on itemizing your deduction, including medical expenses, local taxes and mortgage interest, or if you plan on taking the standard deduction.

This year, Pahlow explained, the individual standard deduction totals $12,950 whereas a joint filing totals $25,500. Wellman said if all of your deductions added together are less than that dollar amount, then you aren’t saving any additional taxes.

As a remedy, Pahlow advises bunching gifts together from multiple years.

Additionally, Pahlow noted there are some limits to how much you can deduct for charitable donations.

Pahlow said, in most cases, cash contributions are deductible up to 60% and property is deductible up to 30%. She adds it’s important to know deductible limits for cash donations and property and to know whether you’re contributing to a public or private organization.