PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — While 2020 has not been an average year by any stretch, shoppers are still looking for a sense of normalcy when it comes to the holidays.

According to a survey by RetailMeNot, savings are more important than ever this year as 80% of shoppers said they will take some type of action to save money on their holiday shopping year.

For Wallet Wednesday, shopping & trends expert for RetailMeNot, Sara Skirboll spoke about the big changes shoppers should expect this season, when to buy and when to wait, what gifts will be flying off the shelves and shopping tips to save time and money. 

What will shoppers spend…

  • For children ($283 vs. $243 in 2019)
  • For significant others ( ($160 vs. $157 in 2019)
  • For parents ($63 vs. $52 in 2019)
  • For siblings ($46 vs. $35 in 2019)
  • For or in-laws ($37 vs. $32 in 2019)
  • …but shoppers will spend more on gifts for themselves ($82) than for their parents ($63), in-laws ($37), best friends ($31)

What shoppers will buy…

  • 61% plan on purchasing electronics 
  • 52% plan on purchasing clothing/accessories 
  • 33% plan on buying shoes 
  • 23% plan on purchasing jewelry 
  • 18% plan on buying kitchen appliances