PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Meals on Wheels People is working hard to make sure all homebound seniors have something to celebrate with 2022’s Donate Dinner campaign at New Seasons Market.

The Donate Dinner campaign began 20 years ago in the first four New Seasons Market stores but has since expanded to 20 other locations throughout Portland, Jeremy Cochran of Meals on Wheels People told KOIN 6 News.

This year, Cochran said, Meals on Wheels People is looking to raise about 27,000 meals — totaling around $250,000.

“A little goes a long way, so shoppers can donate a meal — which is $5.95 — a week of meals, a month of meals or any amount that they choose. Everything all adds up, so a dollar, or $2 here will quickly become more with all the donations,” Cochran said.

Meals on Wheels People Donate Dinner

The Donate Dinner campaign runs through eight days and shoppers can donate at any New Seasons location or online.