PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A fitness chain in the Portland metro area, the Bar Method, is helping build stronger bodies through their challenging barre workouts.

Barre trainers Beth Hutchison and Tashina Bailey own Bar Method in Lake Oswego and Portland Bar Method in the Pearl District respectively.

“The bar method is a full body interval-based workout. You’ll work every muscle in your body when you come into our studios, combined with intervals of stretching,” Hutchison explained.

Hutchison said the workout method is suitable for a wide range of ages noting, “we’re really big on stretching so that the exercise is sustainable for your life. We want you to be able to do Bar Method until you’re in your seventies, eighties. We have clients in their twenties all the way up to their eighties.”

She added the exercise is a science-based workout, saying that everything they do is based on physical therapy.

“We’re always innovating to make sure that our exercises are not only safe but effective and keep your body guessing,” Hutchingson stated.

While the barre method focuses on small movements, Hutchison explained this can still lead to an “efficient” workout.

“Everything we do, you’ll notice, is in really small increments. You’ll notice it doesn’t need to be big to be effective. In fact, the smaller it is, the more intense it is and it’s an efficient way to work out,” Hutchison said.

The Bar Method

Class sign-ups, schedules and a list of studio locations are available on the Bar Method website.