VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN) —  Over the past few weeks, Jeffrey Puukka has been writing uplifting messages on note cards and leaving them in various locations, stretching from Vancouver to Portland — and out on the Northern Oregon coast.

“I just hope that the words, the idea, the question of a particular note– that somebody will find it. I hope it’ll make a difference to them,” Puukka said. ‘Somewhere in the back of my mind, there is the vague idea that I do believe in serendipity. I do hope that these words might find their way to somebody who could use them.”

Puukka usually doesn’t see who finds his messages but says that’s the fun of it. He just hopes that his “Notes to Dearie” will help make someone’s day.

“’Dearie’ is whoever finds the notes,” Puukka said. “It’s like finding a message in a bottle… It could be quite whimsical.”

The acting coach and life coach says when COVID-19 hit he found himself with more time on his hands, so he began to write “Notes to Dearie” to help others get through challenging times.

“The initial motivation is for optimism… sprinkle some optimism,” he said.

His notes have captured the attention of strangers, friends and his students.

“It’s something wonderful. It’s something inspirational, Puukka’s student, Zoe Cain said. “A few of the right words can make an enormous difference.”

Puukka posts pictures of each of his notes to social media and his website. On the back of his messages, he includes his Instagram handle @JeffreyPuukka with the hope that people will reach out and share their story of finding “Notes to Dearie.”