Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife gives tips to avoid bear problems

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PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — This Thursday, we’re talking bear sightings!

A ring camera recently spotted a bear in Laurelwood, which is an unincorporated area in Washington County. Plus, residents near Balk Peak have seen two bears multiple times.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is urging residents to take steps to prevent more bear problems. ODFW District Wildlife Biologist Kurt Licence joined AM Extra with some tips.

Some tips Licence shared were:

  • STOP: Never approach a bear at any time for any reason. If you see bear cubs, leave the area.
  • GIVE IT SPACE: Give any bear you encounter a way to escape.
  • STAY CALM: Do not run or make sudden movements. Face the bear and slowly back away.
  • AVOID EYE CONTACT: Don’t make eye contact with the bear.
  • DON’T RUN: It may encourage the bear to chase you.
  • FIGHT BACK: In the unlikely event you are attacked, fight back, shout, be aggressive, use rocks, sticks and hands.

For more safety tips and precautions for living with wildlife, check out their website.

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