PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – An Oregon State University professor released a new book that aims to help students “study like a champ” using psychology-based methods.

OSU professor, Dr. Regan Gurung told KOIN 6 News he collaborated with Kent State University researcher Dr. John Dunlosky on “Study Like a Champ: The Psychology-Based Guide to ‘Grade A’ Study Habits” to encourage better study habits for students, Dr. Gurung said.

“I noticed there was all this work in science, that psychological science had discovered, that seemed to stick in the lab and seemed to stick in the journals and weren’t really making the transition into the classroom,” Dr. Gurung explained. “I wanted to make sure that my students had all those study tips and ways that they could succeed.”

According to Dr. Gurung, one of the best ways to study for a test is to test yourself, rather than over-relying on re-reading material, flash cards, or over-highlighting book text. The researcher also recommends note-taking as a study tool.

“If you have some time to study, instead of re-reading the material, test yourself on the material. The more you test yourself on the material, the more you strengthen those neural pathways, the more you move things from working memory into long-term memory, the more likely you are to remember things,” Dr. Gurung said.