PORTLAND, Oreg. (KOIN) — It’s the sound of jazz music right at your doorstep.

‘Take Out Jazz’ is providing Portland residents with the opportunity to order a live outdoor mini-concert from the comfort of their homes.

“Portland is blessed with amazing, wonderful, well-known jazz artists that call this place home, and so this is a way for you to bring them right to your door or front yard,” Montavilla Jazz’s board member, Kim Harrison said. “it’s just really community building to share the music and our love of music with neighbors—and with anyone else that might just be passing by enjoying the music.”

Non-profit Montavilla Jazz started the program last year after the pandemic hit to support local musicians.

“Jazz venues were closed and our artists who normally travel around the world were not able to do that, and so jazz performances were so limited. We were able to stream some [performances] which were amazing, but there’s nothing like that live music experience,” Harrison added.  

Harrison says “Take Out Jazz” directly supports both the participating artists and the non-profit’s programs and events, including the upcoming 2021 Montavilla Jazz Festival, which is scheduled for August 20-22.

The next Take Out Jazz ‘delivery’ takes place this Saturday, August 7. A solo is $120 and a duo is $180. Time slots are limited. To place an order, visit TicketTomato.com.