PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Tech expert Greg Nibler joined AM Extra to talk about Black Friday and Cyber Monday tech deals, new car speakers from LG and a Metaverse concert featuring a late rapper.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching, Nibler gave three tips to score the best tech deals.

“Number one, I would say, if you’re going into this to find a television or laptop, do some research ahead of time to find out what it is you want, what you’d be willing to sacrifice when it comes to a deal, because there’s going to be a lot of variations out there,” Nibler said.

Next, Nibler recommends preparing your online cart ahead of time.

“Take a look at the sites you might go to, maybe it’s Best Buy, Amazon, Target,” Nibler explained. “Set up an account ahead of time, that way you can have a cart ready to go. You can even load the product into your cart, you don’t have to buy it right then. But that way it’s there and you can quickly go and check it out.”

Finally, Nibler advises Black Friday shoppers to compare prices on different sites.

“Google Shopping will actually be a good way to see prices for a bunch of different retailers all at one time, it gives you a pretty good range on there. Other ones you can add onto your browser are Camel Camel Camel or Honey, which will give you historically what the prices are for some of these products,” Nibler explained.

Ahead of Black Friday, Nibler noted the debut of LG’s Thin Actuator Sound Solution car speakers.

“Instead of being a big speaker that goes into your door panel,” Nibler said. “They created something that is tiny that they believe can replace it,” Nibler said.

He added because of the size of the speakers, they can fit anywhere in the car noting, “this is essentially a speaker the size of a passport, they said it’s as thick as two coins.”

“They say it can create this 3-D sound within a car,” Nibler said. According to Nibler, LG said it will be rolling out the speakers into cars in 2023.

Nibler also noted another innovation in the tech world as VR headsets move into the concert realm with a hyper-realistic avatar.

Nibler explained the new VR experience takes place in a world called “Brook” which is “basically a 1990s version of Brooklyn and to go along with that, on the 25th anniversary of his passing away, they’re going to have a concert featuring an avatar of Biggie Smalls.”

Nibler explained the story takes the VR user through a story in which they can ride in a car with Biggie Smalls and see him in concert with other 90s artists like Diddy.

Nibler said the VR experience launches on Dec. 16.