PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — From a new electric vehicle and Apple security updates to a mobility exoskeleton for stroke victims, tech expert Greg Nibler joined KOIN 6 News’ AM Extra to share the latest in tech.

Honda and Sony are teaming up for a new electric car, Afeela, featuring a dashboard full of screens, semi-autonomous driving, and possibly some augmented reality or virtual reality features, Nibler said. The cars will be available through a 10-year lease, Nibler said, with Honda and Sony anticipating a 2026 release.

In another tech news, Apple is stepping up its security options with a new software update including the option to use a security key, similar to a USB, as another two-factor authentication option.

Lastly, Nibler highlighted a mobility exoskeleton “suit”, by Wandercraft Atalante, to help train bodies to walk after a stroke, Nibler said — pointing out the device is now Food and Drug Administration approved.

Watch the video above to learn more.