PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Tech expert Greg Nibler joined AM Extra to discuss the latest in tech headlines from a personal shopping robot to new iPhone software updates and a privacy feature on Google Maps.

The Gitamini personal shopping robot from Piaggio Fast Forward is designed to follow users through stores on short shopping trips, Nibler said.

“It rolls along behind you,” Nibler explained. “Whoever turns on the ‘awake’ button, it will scan that person, so it knows that’s its person.”

As the robot rolls with users through stores, it can also carry items, Nibler said, including a 12-pack with room for extra items.

Nibler said the robot can travel six miles per hour with 21-miles per charge.

Additionally, in tech headlines, Apple is releasing the iPhone 16.2 software update including an Apple Music karaoke feature along with Airdrop, security and encryption updates.

For additional tech security, Nibler said, Google Maps has an online form to allow users to potentially blur images of their homes on the app for extra privacy.