PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A Mozilla report is showing the role the internet plays in family’s lives and parent’s concerns of keeping their kids safe online.

The study found that over one-quarter of parents do not believe their kids know how to protect themselves online, according to TikTok’s “The Mom Friend” and internet safety guru Cathy Pedrayes.

According to the study, parents in the U.S. are also introducing their kids to the internet at an earlier age than other countries, sometimes as early as two-years-old.

Top internet safety concerns among parents include exposure to inappropriate content, online predators and cyber bullying, the study says.

To address these concerns, Pedrayes urges parents to set parental controls on websites or internet browsers to filter what content is served to their kids. She also recommends supervising kids while their using the internet, setting time limits, installing privacy and anti-tracking add-ons and keeping an open dialogue with kids about safety.