Tips for keeping your pet safe on the 4th of July

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Doctor Thomas Mackowiak with WellHeaven Pet Health joined AM Extra Wednesday to provide some tips to keep your pet and calm on the 4th of July.

1.   As much fun as the holidays are, there are safety concerns for animals.

2.   Noisy fireworksstartle our pest and make them escape.

3.   Holiday foods can bevery harmful to them

4.   The heat in our areaand travel plans in the heat are risky

5.   Trash and debris aftercelebrations are also a potential danger

6.   Make sure your pet hasID tags and hopefully is microchipped and that the microchip database has yourcurrent contact info in case it does escape

7.   Talk to yourveterinarian about medication that can help the pet relax and not be anxious.

8.   If you have horsesmake sure your pasture is safe and gates are secured.

9.   Do not take your petsto parties/festivities. Loud noises and unfamiliar places plus the travel willscare them.

10. Keep them at home in an escape safe room orcrate.

11. If you are hosting a party, keep your petsindoors during the celebrations

12. Make sure your guests know not to let them out

13. Keep fireworks away from your pets.

14. Fireworks will cause burns and are too loudfor your pet. Besides physical harm the noise will trigger your pet to escapeand be potentially lost

15. Make sure your pet does not get into any ofthe party foods, BBQ, skewers, corn cobs are a big hazard (obstruction,perforation) , but so any greasy and spicy foods need to be avoided: they cancause pancreatitis – no table scraps.

16. In our area the weather can be too harsh forthem, high temperatures can cause heat strokes

17. After the celebration make sure to remove alltrash and debris, food leftovers are too interesting to your pet.

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