PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — It’s time for another Travis Tries, and we sent him to the links!

This was not your normal, relaxing 4-and-a-half hour round of golf. Travis played his first round of speed golf with a competitive speed golfer at Arrowhead Golf Club in Molalla. And it quite literally left him breathless.

Steve Vancil is not just any competitive speed golfer. At one time Vancil was ranked 4th in the world, and even “conquered the world” when paired with another player.

“You’re gonna hit and run,” Vancil said. “It’s really just getting up and down the course as fast as you can. A great way to stay in shape and play some golf if you love golf.”

The clock starts once you hit your first tee shot. You carry a max of 7 clubs, and you cannot put your bag on the green. Your score is your time plus your score.

For example, if you shoot a 71 and you run a round in 55 minutes — your score is 71 + 55 = 126. So, one minute is worth the same as one stroke.

Luckily, instead of competing against the world champ Travis teamed up with him.

The duo played best ball, which means if Vancil makes a par and Travis make a bogey they take the par as their team score, because it’s the better score.