PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) — A Chapman Elementary 3rd-grader is recovering after being bitten in the leg by a dog during recess on Wednesday.

Aidia Love was on a play structure during recess when the unleashed dog came running up to her. She was bitten in the leg and was taken to the hospital. The 8-year-old is on antiobiotics and on crutches.

“The dog ran over and it started to attack five of the children, it ripped a hole in one of the kid’s jeans and then it got a hold of my daughter,” Aida’s mother Whitney Love told KOIN 6 News.

The school district said no other children were injured.

Her mother is furious with the owner of the Golden Labrador puppy that bit Aidia.

“At the moment that it got a hold of my daughter she came apparently running over and took the dog away,” Whitney said. “As the teacher scolded her and said, ‘you need to put your dog on a leash,’ she said, ‘oh I’m so sorry, I have children,’ and then as the teacher attended to the five other children that were being injured, she took off.”

Chapman Elementary is next to Wallace Park, where there is an enclosed off-leash dog park. KOIN 6 News spotted dogs off-leash outside that area on Thursday.

That’s against city law, and that fact is posted on signs around the park’s edge. Owners face fines up to $150.

It is also against the law to have a dog off-leash on school property.

“The problem is is that when we go up to dog owners they think that the parks and the playgrounds are for their use, and it’s really not,” Christine Miles with Portland Public Schools said. “We’re trying to keep it safe, we have a lot of kids that go out for recess.”

Whitney Love expects her daughter to be OK although she is shaken up. The dog owner contacted the school Thursday and her information was passed along to the Love family.