Seal pups on Oregon coast: Look but don’t touch


SEASIDE, Ore. (KOIN) — It’s that time of year when harbor seal pups start appearing on Oregon beaches.

According to the Seaside Aquarium, there were 2 reports of seal pup sightings over the weekend. Officials say if a seal pup is alone on the beach, it is probably just resting while its mother hunts for food.

“What happens, they leave the babies on the beach and go feed themselves and come back and nurse. Sometimes thy have them in places where there area  lot of people and that’s when we have issues, when humans try to interact with them,” says Keith Chandler with the Seaside Aquarium.

The pups are adorable, are friendly, and will approach humans, but, touching a baby seal hurts the chances of it reuniting with its mother, says Chandler. He says feel free to take pictures from a distance, but give the animal space and leave it alone.

Chandler says the baby seals will be abundant through July.

People who see the pups should call the Seaside Aquarium at 503.728.6211.

This is an image of a harbor seal pup on the Oregon coast

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