PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — When considering the cost of gasoline, hotels and meals as inflation rises it’s no surprise that people have had to rethink their travel plans.

The high gas prices are causing many people to cancel plans for a summer road trip, but high inflation has made any sort of travel expensive.

Despite high gas prices, those looking to travel are reportedly doing so mostly by car to avoid the headache of flying. Marie Dodds with AAA said we have backed away from record high prices, but experts don’t expect prices at the pump to go much lower at least for now.

Experts said people should look into using credit cards to book travel and buy gas. Cash back options can help save dollars on the back end.

Travelers looking into flying should fly mid week and look in to different airports near your destination. Along with that, experts advise people to book the first flights in the day.

Dodds said despite some bad press at the beginning of the pandemic cruises are making a comeback. They are cheaper now than they have been in a long time.

“People don’t necessarily care where they’re going, they just want to go,” said Dodds.

Tips to save when planning a trip:

  • Compare options: Don’t be so dead set on one travel decision that it hits your hard in the wallet.
  • Take the first flight out: Avoid headaches and catch a few deals
  • Book flights in advance: Domestic flights should be booked two to three months out, while international flights should be booked 6 months. Last minute deals aren’t likely.