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Digital enterprise reporter Hannah Ray Lambert is a native Oregonian, growing up in Canby. She credits two people for sparking her interest in news: her mother, who forced her to watch cable news every night until eventually it started being fun; and her speech and debate coach, who gave weekly current events assignments.

Hannah Ray graduated from The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University, where she also worked on the student newspaper, briefly hosted a radio show, and went on journalism trips to Costa Rica and Cuba.

Her first news job was as a producer for KSBY in San Luis Obispo, California, but she missed the Pacific Northwest too much. So in the fall of 2017, she began working for KOIN 6 News as a producer. After a while she realized she wanted to get out of the newsroom and into the community, so now she works as an enterprise reporter.

Outside of the newsroom, you’ll probably find Hannah Ray reading, hiking, drawing, experiencing writer’s block with her latest novel, or just hanging out on her parent’s farm (if she’s not traipsing around the country or globe).

She’s always looking for quirky or impactful story ideas, so feel free to send tips to hannahray.lambert@koin.com or reach out via Twitter or Facebook.

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