Jeff Gianola

Evening Anchor


“I grew up watching you!” That’s how Jeff Gianola is greeted almost everywhere he goes.

Jeff has been broadcasting the news in Portland for almost 40 years.

More than a popular anchorman, Jeff is an award-winning journalist, most recently receiving two Emmys for his series of reports entitled “Is Portland Over?” His past Emmys also include one for Best Anchor in the Pacific Northwest.

His down-to-Earth personality and style is a direct reflection fo how Jeff is in real life.

“The best compliment I receive is when people come up to me and say, ‘You’re the same in person as you are on television,” Jeff says.

Jeff is involved in the Portland community, taking part in countless charity events over the years. His dedication to Oregon foster children is reflected in his decades of “Wednesday’s Child” stories, which feature children waiting for adoption.

“I’ve been lucky enough to raise my family here, and now my grandchildren are growing up here,” he says.

Over the years, lots of Portland anchor people have come and gone.

“Why would I go anywhere else?” Jeff says. “This place and the people here are part of me, and always will be.”

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