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Jenny Hansson has been working at KOIN 6 News since 2006, and much of that time she has been helping viewers get their day started. Jenny drinks a lot of coffee to get up at 2:05am (to be exact) to anchor KOIN 6 News this Morning.

During her time at KOIN, Jenny has covered a variety of stories, including the Occupy camp in downtown Portland and Amanda Knox’s return to Seattle. She also flew with the Patriots Jet Team, jumped out of a plane with the U.S. Army’s Golden Knights and scaled the U.S. Bancorp Tower for a fundraiser. Jenny’s mom did not learn she covered these until Jenny later posted pictures on Facebook. Jenny’s mom was not pleased.

Before Portland, Jenny worked in TV markets all over the country, starting in Yakima, Washington, then Tallahassee, Austin and finally San Antonio, where she spent 6 years. She gained an appreciation of Tex-Mex food during her time there, along with a few pounds.

Jenny and her husband Joe have two young daughters, Siena and Josie, and a pug named Rocky. In addition to hanging with her family, Jenny really likes watching TV shows in her downtime, reading trashy books and magazines and going to movies by herself.

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