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From uncovering the political tales of Keiko from Mexico to Oregon to Iceland, to originating the pop quiz for political candidates (i.e. where’s Bosnia, how much is a gallon of gas, a gallon of milk), Lisa Balick’s passion for covering politics began as a political science major at Tufts University.

She is delighted to be in the KOIN 6 newsroom, reporting on politics and news.

“As all parents know, raising children is the most challenging assignment on the planet. It’s a tremendous responsibility to raise a good citizen of the world. It also gives the greatest joy and job satisfaction. I am a better reporter with deeper roots and connections as a parent.”

“We’re all looking for a way to save money. There’s also something fun about getting a ‘deal’ and then sharing the tip with others. That’s why I’d love to hear some ways you’re saving money, and share them with other KOIN viewers.” Lisa can be reached, with your money-saving tips or your news tips, at

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