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Mary Loos is an award-winning reporter and meteorologist, joining the KOIN 6 Weather Team in January 2021.

She began her journalism career at 15, writing for her hometown newspaper, “The Huntington Beach News.” There she covered news of the week, local celebrities, touring bands like U2 and David Bowie, and the local surf scene.

During college, Mary transitioned to radio news and became a DJ in Southern California. Mary holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Loyola Marymount University and a Certificate in Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University.

Bouncing around Southern California for a few years, Mary landed in San Diego and found her calling as an on-camera meteorologist. She also logged some hours in the pilot’s seat as an airborne traffic reporter.

Deciding “light today, dark tonight” was NOT a forecasting challenge, she moved on in search of real weather as a TV meteorologist at KBCI (Boise, ID) and WBIR (Knoxville, TN). Moving up to Seattle, she spent three years at KING 5 and NWCN before deciding to call Portland home.

During her four years as morning anchor for KEX radio, Mary covered a variety of stories. The biggest, the Flight of Friendship to Japan, earned her an Edward R. Murrow Award for Best Series in 2012.

As a field reporter and meteorologist, she’s now covered every kind of weather event, from “thundersnow,” to deadly tornado outbreaks, and ice storms. Mary won an Emmy for her live weather coverage during the closure of I-84 in February of 2019.

Mary is thrilled to continue her career in Portland as part of the KOIN 6 Weather Team. When she’s not working, she and her husband, Jack, enjoy international travel, cooking, and spending time with their two Miniature Schnauzers, Willis the Weather Dog (an Emmy nominee himself) and Lucy (who has been on TV, but would prefer NOT to participate.)

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