Tim Steele

Tim Steele has spent his entire career in media — radio, newspapers, magazines and television. Since 2006 he has been immersed in the daily grind of online news for 2 network-affiliated news websites.

In 2013, Tim moved to Portland to become the Digital Managing Editor for KOIN.com, helping to grow the news site in many ways. Then, in 2022, he became the Digital Special Projects Coordinator for KOIN.com. Now, though he spends a large chunk of his working week involved in day-to-day news, he works with reporters and producers to showcase the special stories and community events KOIN covers.

Tim’s love affair with Portland began at a young age when, in elementary school in Michigan, he did a report on the Pacific Northwest and discovered Oregon’s largest city. He remains a big fan of the Rose City.

But he is a bigger fan of baseball and Turner Classic Movies.

The digital sphere is still relatively new. Having someone with 17 years experience in online news is a benefit to the staff — and the readers who come to KOIN.com daily or sporadically.

Asked to describe his current role, Tim replied, “I’m a curmudgeon who preps stuff.”

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