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Oregon has more than 37,000 family farms growing more than 220 amazing products. Because of our world-class soils and mild climate, many think we grow the world’s greatest food. Visit CelebrateOregonAgriculture.com to learn more!

Watch: Oregon’s Harvest Show

Vignette: Wagstaff Family Oregon Potatoes

Vignette: Betz Family Oregon Potatoes

A fresh approach to Farmers Markets

Farmers markets play a critical role in connecting farmers to consumers in Oregon. At one end of that connection, family farms find a place to share what they grow. At the other end, consumers have access to fresh, locally grown food.

Everyone has a place at the table at Oregon Farm Dinners

Each summer, organizations bring the dinner table outside to local farms, allowing guests to experience fresh food while learning about where it came from – straight from the source.

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Tri-County fresh farm guide

Oregon Offers International Bounty

Oregon agriculture is famous for its diversity. From grass seed that grows the turf of World Cup soccer fields to its U.S. leading Christmas tree, blackberry and hazelnut industries, Oregon produces a bountiful variety of agriculture products. “It is a joy and a challenge to market our agriculture because it is so diverse,” says International Trade Manager Theresa Yoshioka, Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA). Read more: By Blair Thomas for Growing Oregon Magazine

Farmers and Neighbors are Growing in Harmony

2015, when Beth Satterwhite of Even Pull Farm was considering leasing 2 acres from Zach Christensen of Christensen Farms, the two Yamhill County producers talked. And they’ve talked ever since. Satterwhite says she was initially concerned about farming next to Christensen’s large-scale commercial operation. To be specific, she worried her small-acreage, organic vegetable production would be subject to herbicide drift from adjacent grass seed and wheat crops. “But we talked through it when we sat down to discuss the lease,” she says. “Zach explained his management practices, and we talked a little bit about what a buffer is for organic certification and our needs, and it has been pretty painless. Read more: By Mitch Lies for Growing Oregon magazine

Oregon Agritourism Attractions Off the Beaten Path

Travel along Oregon’s agritourism trails, which are mapped out exploration destinations, and you will experience a journey into the heart of the state’s rural agricultural community. Fresh foods, local dining, Oregon culture and charismatic farmers await those who take on these paths. Oregon’s trails are promoted by Travel Oregon, which has a vision to create a better life for Oregonians through strong, sustainable local economies, says Alexa Carey, who leads Travel Oregon’s culinary and agritourism development initiatives. “It’s our goal to inspire locals and visitors alike to share in this passion for food and farms that’s infused into the culture of our state,” Carey says. “The bounty of Oregon is unmatched with our award-winning wine, beer and food.” Read more: By Brittany Stovall for Growing Oregon magazine

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