Family-run farm raising money for son’s kidney transplant


For 3 generations, the Kloft family has run the Lonely Lane Farm

BEAVERTON, Ore. (KOIN) — The Lonely Lane Farm in the Willamette River Valley has been proudly serving Oregon communities for more than 80 years. Now, they are turning to those same communities for help.

The Saturday Farmers Market in Beaverton is a place for neighbors to come together. But, the market can’t begin until the bell is rung.

Among the many booths at the market is John Kloft, along with his family who runs the Lonely Lane Farms stand. Back in May, the Kloft family received bad news—John had been diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney disease. Currently, his kidney function has declined to less than 20%—this means that he will soon need a transplant.

“My kidney is at 17% and how do I know it’s at 17%? Blood draws,” said John.

A fundraising box sits at the Lonely Lane Farm booth at the Beaverton Farmers Market. (Courtesy Lonely Lane Farm)

He deals with the physical toll on a daily basis.

“You’re tired, you don’t want to eat… and drink a lot of water,” said John.

But he is determined and strong, a quality that all good farmers must have.

“Eventually, realistically, know I’m going to get more than one transplant,” explained John. “You know that because realistically, I’m a kid. It’s not like one kidney is going to go some 92 years.”

Because John is only seven years old, and a new kidney lasts around 15 years, he will have to undergo multiple transplants. That also means expensive medical bills and trips to the hospital.

That’s why the Kloft family has decided to turn to the communities that they have been serving for three generations.

“It’s not like a kidney just goes that long. It can vary from like five to one year to fifty,” said John.

The family has set a goal to raise $100,000 in order to help pay for John’s medical bills. You can help them by donating money to their Children’s Oregon Transplant Association website, or in-person at their booth at the Beaverton Farmers Market.

The Kloft family has high hopes that with a little bit of help, the Lonely Lane Farm will one day be a fourth-generation-owned farm.

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