Northwest Lifestyle Host Nicole DeCosta learns everything we need to make 2022 comfortable, luxurious, and peaceful from Everything Branding’s Kelly MacNeal. From Mozy, which will keep you warmer outside on game nights, and Cure Aqua Gel, which will ensure your skin is hydrated, to Splashes Lashes, which turn your eyelashes into a party, there’s plenty of ideas to start 2022 off with new routines. And new routines that are good for the environment also sounds like a great idea. TishWish “CORNpostable” packaging is made from corn and breaks down in 6 months; it’s water-resistant and flexible for your upcoming mailings. And ring positivity into the New Year with Affirmicious and their uplifting Zodiac Affirmation Card Decks that help with a healthy mindset daily. And continue your positive outlook — and sneak some peace into your day — with Sensate, the palm-sized stress-busting wearable and audio app using infrasonic waves that resonate through the body. Customize your experience and be sure to start 2022 off with some new goals, new routines, and new daily devotions to yourself. Happy new year!