PORTLAND, Ore (KOIN) — There were many nominations sent to KOIN 6 News for the 2021 Remarkable Women series.

But the most Remarkable Woman in our area this year is Pastor Renee Ward. She is a cancer survivor, model, community activist and motivational speaker – just to name some of her many influential roles.

“I’m very, very blessed, honored and just grateful. God is so good. Thank you very, very much,” she said.

As the region’s Remarkable Woman, KOIN 6 News’ parent company Nexstar is awarding Pastor Renee $1000 for the charity of her choice: Just Because Boutique.

“In light of COVID, God has been so good to keep us afloat, to deliver us the resources, which in fact, are incidental,” Ward said. “The things that the average person doesn’t think about, having gone through the journey myself, just simple things as over-the-counter, personal hygiene services, resources, materials, personal apparel that makes a world of a difference, even things like neuropathy in the feet, that is the deadening of nerves and the pain. Alternative means of healthcare like having a massage. Things without having to beg the insurance company to cover that.”

KOIN: Remarkable Women

On Saturday, April 10, Pastor Renee and more than 100 other Remarkable Women from cities across the country will take part in a special show highlighting them and their incredible work.

Pastor Renee’ Ward. (Courtesy of Renee’ Ward)

The program begins at 1 p.m. on NewsNation.

During the broadcast, the Nexstar Woman of the Year will be announced — and that woman will receive $5000 for the charity of her choice.

Pastor Renee Ward said there are few times when she’s speechless.

“Thank you so very much for the women that can’t speak anymore. For the women that are still going through their journey, and I’m just very, very grateful to have the opportunity to speak for them. And to let them know they are beautiful from the inside out.

“Whether they have hair, whether they don’t – that there is a purpose in life and if you just continue to look to hills which cometh your strength, God is able to bring you through.

“In memory of my mom and all the others who have gone before me, that have fought the good fight and continue to do so, I thank you very very much. Thank you, it’s been worth it to meet wonderful people like yourselves. So thank you.”