PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — For the better part of 50 years, SOLVE has been at the forefront of cleaning up Oregon, organizing volunteers to help keep the state beautiful.

Now SOLVE is calling all boaters, kayakers, stand-up paddleboarders and other to help clean up the Willamette River on August 20.

“This is our first year doing this,” said SOLVE CEO Kris Carico. “This is with a partnership with Subaru of Portland and it was really their idea to get this going.”

Sign up for SOLVE Willamette River Cleanup, Saturday, August 20, 2022

“Partnering with SOLVE naturally falls in line with the belief of supporting our environment and our community,” said Emily Prager, the Community Outreach Coordinator for Subaru of Portland. “So it’s really exciting to be able to partner and give back immediately.”

Both SOLVE and Subaru of Portland invite everyone to sign up for the Willamette River cleanup on Saturday, August 20.

“Anyone that’s been to downtown Portland recently would see why this is really important,” said Subaru of Portland GM Chris Borquist. “There’s a lot of litter, a lot of vandalism, just a lot of mess in our city that we need to clean up.”

There will be clean up sites along the riverfront from Sellwood to the Fremont Bridge.

“Everyone is welcome to participate. We’ll have folks from all over coming out as well as a team of folks actually meeting on the marina going out on paddle boards, boats, kayaks and they’ll be doing their part. actually. out on the water,” Prager said.

SOLVE is looking for experienced boaters to help remove litter from the water.

Carico said they will “have bags that actually allow for drainage so that we’re not having bags full of water and wet trash.”

And there will also be a team of volunteers picking up litter on land, so there’s an opportunity for everyone.

Volunteers will meet at OMSI, Borquist said. “We’re going to clean up the river from the land side.”

“Bring yourself, bring your friends,” Prager said. “We’ll have all the supplies you need.”

Carico said they expect to have a lot of people out involved so they will be able to continue doing this in future years.

“So it’s really going to be a fun event for people who just want to get out, casual boating, and get out on a nice Saturday and clean up.”