PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — In a city like Portland, which prides itself on staying weird, you can grab a drink at a Halloween-inspired spot at any point.

But if you want to get extra festive this year, there are a few spooky-themed bars, clubs and venues that you need to visit before the holiday passes you by.


Location: 627 SE Morrison St, Portland, OR 97214

If you don’t scare too easily, the clowns, dolls and animatronics at Creepy’s will be your new friends. The bar — which makes a point to say it isn’t a clown bar — offers its own creepy cocktails, beer and wine. The Pickletini appears to be one of the most popular drinks.

For food, Creepy’s serves juicy smashburgers from Lo’s Burgers and Fries.

Raven’s Manor

Location: 235 SW 1st Ave, Portland, OR 97204

This Downtown Portland cocktail lounge acts as a haunted mansion. Raven’s Manor is spooky all-year-round, and typically hosts even more customers as Halloween approaches. The bar’s All Hallow’s Eve event for the holiday is already sold out, but guests can stop by for walk-ins and reservations before then.

Raven’s Manor serves deadly tonics, eerie elixirs and cocktails from Dr. Raven’s Personal Collection.

Sad Valley

Location: 832 N Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97217

Over the summer, Sad Valley opened in the same building that once held the Dynasty bar. Owner Jeremy Alexander, who previously owned a bar in Seattle, said his mother previously worked in a funeral home. That inspired him to open this funeral-home-inspired space with “absurdist art, psychedelic tones, and a dash of feeling like it’s haunted.”

The death-themed bar serves ‘sad cocktails ‘ like the Cryin’ Swaggart and Weird Paloma, along with cheeseburgers, quesadillas and other classic bar food.

The Midnight

Location: 3341 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97214

This dark, moody space doubles as a cocktail bar and a concert venue. The Midnight offers citrus-based sips like the Siren Serenade, spirit-forward drinks like the Death Shroud, and classic cocktails.

The bar is hosting its annual Halloween Thrash on Saturday, Oct. 28, with three bands, two DJs and a costume contest.

The Uncanny

Location: 3560 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227

This “weird little cocktail spot” can be found in the former Psychic Bar space. The Uncanny already has a spooky vibe with its black and red decor, but for the month of October, the bar is going one step ahead with its Halloween pop-up menu, “The House of Unholy.”

The limited-edition menu features cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages with moody names like “Rest in Pieces” and “Machete Incident.”

The Coffin Club

Location: 421 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR 97214

The Coffin Club, which was once The Lovecraft Bar, pays tribute to the “world of the weird, the macabre and horror in music, movies, art, and literature.” The horror-themed venue and nightclub hosts goth dance nights, dark markets and burlesque shows throughout the year.

This Halloween, the club is gearing up for its big Halloween parties featuring DJ Crankenstein and DJ Barbie Saint.