Palindrome Week is here — 10 mirrored dates in a row


September has 11 palindrome dates

A calendar. (Flickr user Dafne Cholet)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Every date from Sept. 10 through Sept. 19, 2019, has the special distinction of being a palindrome date.

A palindrome is a word or phrase that is spelled the same backward as it is frontwards, like race car. That same concept can apply to dates like 9/1/19 — aka 91/1/9.

September has 11 palindrome dates — the first was on Sept. 1, but the rest are all in a row starting Tuesday.

According to Aziz Inan, a professor at the University of Portland, Sept. 10 is special because it’s a palindrome when you include the whole year, 9/10/2019 — while the others are only palindromes when you write them with 2-digit years — 9/11/19, 9/12/19 etc.

Every year since 2011 has included one month with 11 palindrome dates. The month has shifted each year, but in 2020, it will be February instead of October.

All the palindrome dates in September 2019. (Courtesy of Aziz Inan)

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