PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The biggest day in music is here! No, it’s not the Grammy Awards — it’s Spotify Wrapped Day!

Wednesday marked the day when Spotify, the most popular streaming platform in the world, gives each user a round-up of the top artists, albums, songs, podcasts and more that they listened to this year.

Out of Spotify’s whopping 350 million users, a few of them happen to work at KOIN 6 News. Here are some highlights from the news team’s Spotify Wrapped 2022, and what they had to say about their results.

Emily Burris — KOIN 6 News Morning Anchor and AM Extra Host

Emily Burris Spotify Wrapped 2022

“I haven’t listened to many of my Top 5 songs since January!” Emily Burris said. “I was training to become a Pure Barre fitness instructor, and those workout mixes were part of the class I learned to get certified. These days, my songs change daily with my classes. Come find a new favorite workout track at Pure Barre South Waterfront!”

In terms of her most-listened-to artists, she said she was not surprised by what Spotify revealed.

“Listen, when Beyonce and Taylor Swift put out new albums — you listen to the whole thing on repeat several times,” she said. “That’s just what you do. I don’t make the rules.”

Andrew Foran — Digital Content Producer

Andrew Foran Spotify Wrapped 2022

“I listen to too much music,” Andrew Foran, one of KOIN’s digital content producers, said. This can be confirmed by the 1588 different artists that he listened to this year.

“Spotify Wrapped Day is my favorite holiday because it reminds me of the songs I was completely obsessed with for a week and then totally forgot about,” he added.

Amanda Beza — News Producer

Amanda Beza Spotify Wrapped 2022
Amanda Beza Spotify Wrapped 2022

“My top artist, isaintjames, is an immensely talented beatmaker [and] DJ from London. His music has a very relaxing, kind of vacation-y vibe. He’s super active on social media and is constantly adding new music to his Instagram,” Amanda Beza, a broadcast news producer, said. “Another artist in my list, Martin Denney, is an underappreciated gem, pioneering a kind of music known as ‘Exotica’ that boils down to tropical lounge music with very unusual sound effects. He was most active in the ’50s and ’60s, which explains quite a bit!

Brandon Thompson — Reporter

Brandon Thompson Spotify Wrapped 2022

Reporter Brandon Thompson, who is among the Kendrick Lamar fans who waited five years for a new album, said, “I obviously missed Kendrick on his hiatus, but it was worth the wait!”

Brandon saw Lamar and ODESZA in separate concerts when both came to Oregon this year.

“Their performances were unforgettable,” he added.

Melinda White — Newscast Director

Melinda White Spotify Wrapped 2022

“Lizzo is far and away my top artist for this year, and it’s About Da** Time!” newscast director Melinda White said. If you don’t know, “About Da** Time” is one of Lizzo’s hit singles.

“She’s so talented and the flute-playing is iconic. I also listened to a lot of podcasts while commuting and traveling. Drag queens make the most entertaining podcasts, check out ‘Sibling Rivalry’ and the ‘Bald and the Beautiful!’ ‘Judge John Hodgman’ is also underrated, he judges silly disputes between friends, couples, etc., and it’s a hoot,” White said.

Emma Jerome — Reporter

Emma Jerome Spotify Wrapped 2022
Emma Jerome Spotify Wrapped 2022

Morning reporter (and known Swiftie) Emma Jerome says the worship music on her Spotify Wrapped can be accredited to her mother, who also uses her account.

Other than that, “Nothing about it surprises me,” she said. Emma’s friends in the newsroom aren’t surprised, either.

Graham Stillman — Photojournalist

Graham Stillman Spotify Wrapped 2022
Graham Stillman Spotify Wrapped 2022

Photojournalist Graham Stillman said, “[Gorillaz] are my top artist because of their unique music and ability to create a sound that separates them from the rest of the competition.”

Michaela Bourgeois — Digital Content Producer

Michaela Bourgeois Spotify Wrapped 2022
Michaela Bourgeois Spotify Wrapped 2022

“According to Spotify, my top song was ‘Moon in the Morning’ by Adam Melchor,” Michaela Bourgeois, a digital content producer, said. “Wrapped also said I spent 620 mins listening to him and was in the 0.5% of his top listeners… this might be a sign to see him in concert.

Bourgeois said she discovered Adam Melchor’s music through a Spotify-suggested playlist.

“Once I heard Moon in the Morning, I was hooked,” she explained. “I love the lyrics, and the music video is fun, too!”

Jashayla Pettigrew — Digital Reporter

Jashayla Pettigrew Spotify Wrapped 2022
Jashayla Pettigrew Spotify Wrapped 2022

Like others, I am not at all shocked by my own favorite artists this year.

Megan Thee Stallion was my No. 1 artist for Spotify Wrapped 2021 too, and I will forever be loyal to the “H-town hottie.” FLO, which landed at No. 2 on my list of top artists, is a U.K.-based girl group that just debuted this year — and I’m clearly already obsessed.