PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Waterfront Blues Festival is getting closer with only 23 days left until the event kicks off at Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

In addition to hundreds of musicians, food, drink and craft vendors, festival organizers works hard to give back to the community.

For a second year in a row the festival is supporting the Jeremy Wilson Foundation Musicians Health and Services Program.

The program helps local musicians, many of whom will be performing or working backstage at this year’s festival.

“Musicians and music industry workers, your sound guys, your roadies, your lighting folks and other aspects of the creative field that we help out,” said Jeremy Wilson, the executive director of the Jeremy Wilson Foundation.

The foundation acts as a safety net when musicians and industry workers find themselves in medical crisis.

Taking time off with something as simple as a sprained ankle or broken arm creates a financial strain.
The foundation is able to step in quickly to meet urgent needs.

“We have immediate grants to help them through the most serious aspects of stuff, often times with helping with rent or outstanding medical bill or even food and gas and things like that,” Wilson said.

For an artist facing a life or death situation, like a cancer diagnosis, JWF launches an artist relief campaign raising tens of thousands of dollars for their care and well being.

“What we need more than ever is we need that ten or $20 a month. That’s just a subscription, you know, the, the set it and forget it idea.”

They’ll be selling popsicles, raffling off prizes and hosting a blues cruise.

To make a donation visit JWF’s website here.