PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – While online shopping is expected to skyrocket over the holiday season, this usually comes along with online scams, according to cybersecurity experts.

TechSech Co-Founder Jessica Naziri pointed to a Norton survey which found that 41% of Americans admit to risking personal information in some way during the holiday season.

To avoid online shopping scams, Naziri noted the importance of ensuring you’re shopping on a secure website.

“When you’re making a purchase, do look for a security lock and the letters ‘https’ in the web browser, especially before you enter your credit card,” Naziri advises. “Be careful about shopping and sharing your personal or financial information over an unsecured network.”

Naziri says these unsecure networks include WiFi and Hotspots.

According to Naziri, it’s also important to look out for red flags on websites, such as grammatical errors or the site loading slowly, which may indicate the website is part of a scam.

The cybersecurity expert also recommends using a Virtual Private Network if you’re online shopping in a public space and warns “watch out for those too good to be true deals that usually are.”