PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Singer Keri Hilson and rapper Bow Wow are starring in VH1’s new Christmas movie “Hip Hop Family Christmas Wedding” — joining the all-star cast for the sequel.

“For those of us that tuned in last year to ‘Hip Hop Family Christmas’, you saw myself, Jessica Nixon — and Ne-Yo, who plays Jason, get engaged. And this time, you get to see all of the drama surrounding the wedding, but also the story extends to Blair’s love life…that’s where Bow Wow comes in,” Hilson explained.

Bow Wow, who plays Blair, explained “I bring in the more hip-hop, street-side of things and it’s just a well-rounded cast and everybody’s bringing their own thing to it and that’s what makes this movie so dope, and so fun and so dynamic.”

Describing the all-star cast as humble and grounded, Hilson added, “I think that translates onto the screen and this is why it was such an enjoyable ride that we got the sequel. This is what I think is most exciting for a film like this is that you get the sense that we’re…acting like we like each other. We genuinely do and we gel really, really well,” Hilson said.

The stars also noted that the Jamie Fox-produced film also features an all-Black cast and highlighted the importance of the representation.

“It’s a story being told about POCs, by POCs, for POCs and everyone else…I think that this elevates what you think of Black families during the holidays… it’s very cheerful, and it’s very loving even though it’s dramatic and fun,” Hilson said. “But you have the ‘isms’ of authentic Black family holiday that I think is really special.”