PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Three Pacific Northwest teens, determined to offer connection during the COVID-19 pandemic, began their own small business, Beaded Besties, focusing on accessories and eco-friendly skincare.

“We decided to go into business because we felt like it was a time where not everybody could connect,” said 15-year-old CEO Ziarre McGuire. “We felt like we had to do something.”

CAO Abriana Russ, 14, added, “I think really what keeps us motivated is knowing that whenever we go to market, we know that we’re going to be successful in our things because people are interested in our stuff, they’re interested in our product.”

When starting a small business, 14-year-old CDO Zion McGuire explains, “it’s nerve-wracking to start doing it because there’s a lot you have to do to get started. But I say, if you have the guts and the plans, go for it.”

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