PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A Portland business is connecting local engaged couples with professional vendors through a wedding venue crawl.

The Venue Crawl Event takes couples to nine venues that are “all dressed up” with eight to 10 vendors as an alternative to traditional bridal shows. The venues feature a caterer, signature cocktails, floral arrangements, music, rental companies and lighting for attendees to see the vendors in action.

“It’s essentially a wedding show on wheels,” The Venue Crawl Event Co-owner Kimberly Morrill said. “It’s all dressed up, sips, nibbles, tons of event inspiration.”

Co-owner Beth Behler described the inspiration behind the business explaining, “we have a network of wonderful vendors in Portland, and trying to find not only a new and exciting way for them to collaborate, build relationships with each other, try new things, design elements, but also how do we connect them with couples in a fun, unique way?”

“A lot of times when you go into a venue, you’re just seeing the empty space. You’re seeing the shell. This is a great way to see it as it would look for an event,” Morrill said. “You can also just get to know and meet some of these vendors and you’re tasting their food, you’re seeing their case, you’re seeing their talent in action and you’re being able to kind of have a conversation without it feeling ‘sales-y.’”

The next wedding venue crawl is set for Feb. 18.