PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – During the holiday season, many people dream of taking a vacation to paradise.

Travel expert Kinga Phillips, host of “Finding Adventure with Kinga Phillips” and the first female host of Shark Week, joined Everyday Northwest to share tips for booking a trip to Aruba.

As one of the top-ten beaches in the world, Phillips highlighted the tourist-friendly destination that’s also the most re-visited area in the Caribbean.

“People come to Aruba and return year after year and you can’t blame them because it is almost always sunny, it’s right around 82 degrees, low humidity, east trade winds blowing so you’re nice and cool,” Phillips said.

The travel expert also highlighted the combination of land and sea adventures available for tourists from horseback riding to scuba diving and wellness activities to unwind. She also pointed out the variety of lodging available including five-star resorts, villas, hotels and bed and breakfast spots.